The Tiger Clan

It’s 2570! The human race has ended and the advanced Tigers have taken over the world. The Tiger Clan is the city of 10,000 Tigers that are ruling the world. Do you want to be a part of the ruling city?

Become a part of TTC with our 10,000 unique NFTs. These are not just any NFT living on Ethereum blockchain but this NFT will give you VIP access and free objects in the most anticipated and exciting digital race in the history of Metaverse.

Our privileged TTC family will enjoy member-only benefits, membership cards, TTC tokens (to be launched soon), and other perks. So, take a leap from the world of web3 to the Metaverse and join The Tiger Clan (TTC). Check out our website/roadmap now!

Our Community

Join a genuine community of 10,000 Tigers


20% Phase 1

The Tiger Clan will start with a limited number of unique NFTs.

We're going to launch with 10k items, including unique fine art pieces. Each tiger is unique and has a unique production process. We understand that the world's finest collectors value fine art.

Since we have such high standards, we're working slowly to produce the best tigers. We're a work in progress, but we're excited to announce that we'll officially start unveiling our tigers by mid of April 2022!

40% Phase 2

We have an exciting new raffle, Airdrop, and NFT Token giveaway event where we'll pick investors randomly and gift them unique prizes!

Each raffle winner will receive a unique tiger NFT that'll have its own unique ID. Doesn't it sound exciting to have your very own unique tiger? We will announce the raffle winners soon. Each winner will be chosen by their ID, and they'll receive their unique tiger right after contacting us.

60% Phase 3

Who wants to see a tiger motor running? That's right, everyone does, so we intend to make that possible by building a 3D animation of cars with our investor’s NFT tigers on it. Only Tiger owners can join our exclusive online race. We're going to generate exciting car images that will combine the tiger IDs and their unique colors.

80% Phase 4

After we start racing, we're going to launch our own TTC token in phase 5 after implementing metaverse integration. And after launching TTC Tokens, all TTC NFT holders will receive tokens as a reward!

100% Phase 5

We use AI for management of our races, so our software determines who the winners are. We're even going to extend to 3D animating all the vehicles and objects, including horses, tigers, boats, dogs, even 100m men/women race. The race will be out of this world, and that’s a promise!

Want to feel privileged? Our TTC family will have VIP access and each TTC NFT owner will receive a free object by writing a smart contract! We're sure that you just can't wait to watch your character’s race in the Metaverse, neither can we!


What would be the mint price?

0.07 is the mint price

How can I use my NFT?

You will be able to use your Tigers as an avatar in the Metaverse. Your NFTS will unlock your VIP access to Digital Racing, and several other (member-only) benefits.

What is metaverse?

The Metaverse is the World 3.0. The word refers to a shared virtual reality where everything and anything can be bought and sold, using cryptocurrency (same as you buy and sell things on a brick-and-mortar store). The Tiger Clan is all set to make a unique entrance into the Metaverse, and so can you by getting your hands on one of our digital art pieces.

What is Digital Racing?

Digital racing is like any race in real life, the difference is that it is virtual and takes place in the Metaverse. It will allow the members to enjoy the most unique and competitive sport of the 21st century.

How do I get the Free Digital Car?

If you plan to hold your Tiger NFTs, you will be rewarded with a TTC Digital Car at zero costs. We are planning to release the cars approximately 3 months after the launch. You will have VIP access and the NFT owner will receive a free object by writing a smart contract! Enjoy your character’s race in the Metaverse soon!

When is TTC Token Launch?

Soon! It will be launched by August.

What blockchain you will use?

We will use the Ethereum blockchain.

Meet Our Clan



Mason was always not just a regular internet user and believed there was much more to it. He believes a day will come when the users will get the status of shareholders and NFTs will hold a major percentage of everyone’s assets!

Usman Ali

Co-Founder & COO

A computer scientist and a blockchain enthusiast determined to change the dynamics of NFTs, Crypto tokens, Digital Racing, Web 3.0, and Metaverse. Usman believes in living every moment to the fullest, and thus wants the members to enjoy being part of the TTC family!

David Coelho

VP of Product

David is one of the finest players in the world of DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and Commerce. His extensive experience in the field made him the top choice of “The Tiger Clans”. David believes that digital assets and digital currency will rule the world by 2030.

Khizar "KeysR"

Director of Marketing

Master of Digital Marketing, Crypto Trader, and NFT frenzy, can you think of a perfect combination for the marketing director of TTC?

Timothy Luu

Director of Engineering

The architect of our blockchain system, Tim knows how to craft smart contracts and optimize blockchain protocol. He has seen it all, from the birth to the boom of this technology. Tim says that blockchain is like a baby to him!

Brandon Wilson

Director of Engineering

Branodn is determined to provide a user-friendly experience to the TTC members. With 10 years of experience as a developer and knows how to handle a team with his leadership capabilities.

Hamza Raja

Director of HR

The vibrant HR leader has an experience of more than a decade, and thus knows both conventional and modern ways to hire a perfect mix and keep the employees motivated, secure, up-to-date, and performance-driven.


Product Designer

Living in the world of digital art, Zayn is an imaginative artist ready to create 10,000 unique NFTs for the TTC family. He knows how to make you feel VIP with the piece of art you own!


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